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          During the holiday season. we often cherish heartwarming messages of love and hope from friends and family. Nature. too. has its messengers of goodwill. particularly in the form of birds like northern cardinals. blue jays. and evening grosbeaks that brave the Canadian winter. Their vibrant plumage and visits to backyard feeders bring cheer to the season. and across various cultures and traditions. these birds carry special meanings and messages.

          As a part of Canada's stamp program. Canada Post has been issuing annual holiday stamps since 1964. reflecting themes that resonate with Canadians. including the joyous holiday season. We offer a choice between stamps featuring secular holiday imagery or traditional sacred Christmas motifs to cater to the diverse preferences of our mailers and collectors.

          This Souvenir sheet showcases delightful illustrations by Sandra Dionisi. featuring three birds that spend their winters in Canada: a cardinal (Permanent™ domestic rate). a blue jay (U.S. rate). and an evening grosbeak (international rate).

          Good to know

          • Great gift for collectors and holiday enthusiasts
          • Add a festive touch to your holiday mailings
          • About the holiday birds

          The cardinal. adorned in festive red. symbolizes transformation and pivotal moments in life. It stands as a beacon of devotion. diversity. and unity. The intelligent and steadfast blue jay often forms lifelong bonds. symbolizing strength. loyalty. and enduring connections. It is also associated with acquiring higher knowledge. The social and family-oriented grosbeak evokes parental feelings and fosters healing. forgiveness. and harmony. especially within family dynamics.

          About the design

          The three stamps. designed by Sandra Dionisi. depict each bird perched on a branch laden with berries against a backdrop rendition of a blue winter sky. with subtle representations of snowflakes and red berries. The artwork bursts with lively reds. blues. browns. and whites. creating a festive and wintry atmosphere while celebrating the beauty of the natural world during the holiday season.

          This marks the first stamp issue by Hambly & Woolley Inc.

          Issue Date: November 1. 2022Stamp Designer: Hambly & Woolley Inc.Stamp Illustrator: Sandra DionisiQuantity Produced: 50.000