Ranunculus: Permanent™ domestic rate stamps - coil of 50


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          Mother's Day is coming, the only gift for your mother.

          This year’s flower stamp issue depicts Ranunculus asiaticus on 2 stamps. The annual flower issue is a bestseller. and often used to mail wedding stationery such as invitations. It’s also popular stamp among Canadian gardeners.

          About the flower

          Ranunculus asiaticus. also known as Persian buttercup. is native to southwestern Asia. southern Europe and northern Africa. The plant may have arrived in northern Europe during the Crusades but was not cultivated widely until the 17th century.

          The name Ranunculus comes from the Latin words for “little frog” because many species grow near streams. However. Ranunculus asiaticus is partial to sunny hillsides and pastures.

          Known for radiant. rose-like blossoms. Ranunculus may be single or double flowered. It has gossamer-thin petals and grows in a palette of colours. Florists and gardeners love them. and they are a popular choice for wedding bouquets and centrepieces.

          Traditionally. offering these blooms is a way of saying. “I’m dazzled by your charms!”

          Stamp Designer: Stéphane HuotIssue Date: March 1. 2023Stamp Value: Permanent™ domestic rateQuantity Produced: 140.000Product Type: Stamps